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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Soccer statistics: the total cost of the Brazilian soccer score team - €410 million

Germans press have counted up, that the total cost of 23 players of Brazil soccer team reaches about €410 million. As this command the most expensive soccer team for all history of world socer cups.
On the first place - Ronaldino from the Spanish "Barcelona". Its cost is estimated in €125 million, then Adriano ("Inter") and Ronaldo ("Real") - on €30 million everyone. They are followed by the Midfielders of French "Lyons" Juninho (€20 million).
The cheapest player from 23 football players of a soccer score team - goalkeeper ROGERIO CENI Rogeria Ceni (€1,5 million) playing for Brazilian "Dignity ".
The estimation of soccer players is lead in view of data under their contracts with clubs.