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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Milan - one more step

In 23-rd round of the championship of Italy "Milan" has drawn, which became for it the second time successively. "Juventus", owing to goal Del Pero, has kept in eight glasses from "Inter" which has won "Chievo". To One of the central matches of 23-rd round of the championship of Italy became a duel in Rome where in Olympic stadium local "Latium" accepted "Milan" which chances on skudetto become theoretical more and more. Especially if to consider that fact, that recently business at command Karlo Anchelotti go not in the best image. "Milan" football score has already taken off from a national Cup, sensationally having lost "Palermo". In last round of a series And red-black on the floor could not pick up keys to a gate "Sampdorii", having taken in a duel only one spot.

However, while chances remain, "Milan" will struggle. What before a duel from "Latium" the Dutch halfback of command Klarens Sedorf has declared. “It is easier to tell, than to make soccer score. We work on trainings much, but us constantly does not suffice most. Now glasses are very necessary to us to not release “a Juventus "further away", - the Dutch has declared. In communication with the developed situation, an overall objective of "Milan" in this season soccer score there can be a League of champions where in 1/8 endings Italians should pass very uneasy contender - the Munich "Bavaria". “Unfortunately, chances on skudetto at us small, but are at us still League, the victory in which remains real prospect. The main thing that in the near future we showed normal game which would bring result. Then everyone will be happy ", - has noted Sedorf.

Voyage to Rome of troubles "Milan" did not promise soccer score. At the moment of an accounting meeting a series "Latium" against Milan club totaled 15 matches , and in 13-oe from them owners on a regular basis passed. Moreover, in five last duels capital football score players lost. Of course, "rossoneri" - very inconvenient contender for Romans.

However the match has not brought satisfaction neither that, nor another. 127-th internal meeting of the winner has not revealed, in 49-th time in history of rivalries of commands having come to the end in a draw which has gone on advantage "Juventus". " Old the signor ", owing to a goal of not growing old leader Alessandro Del Pero, has beaten the tournament table, having repeated an outcome of a duel of the first circle. A Safe series against a command from Udinese has reached 11 matches (ten victories of victories and a drawn game), and for this time " Juventus " has passed only two football score goals. At the same time command Fabio Kapello has reached fantastic figure in 20 victories over 23 matches of the present championship, lose which can to prevent only a miracle soccer score.

Joyful news to admirers of "Juventus" was informed by the general director of club Ljuchano Modzhi who once again soccer score has noted, that Swede Zlatan Ibragimovich will not pass in Madrid "Real". " It only hearings. But even if the management of the Madrid club would express desire to get the football score player, we would give up. “Juventus " possesses the best attacking line in Italy, and we shall try to keep it ", - has told Modzhi.

Owing to Cruise's goal, Milan "Inter" has not allowed "Juventus" to increase the, before start of matches of 23-rd round made football score 8 glasses. And "neradzurri" have won even in spite of the facts that are contender very inconvenient for them. From four matches on “San-Siro " two have come to the soccer score end in a draw. On one victory have written down on the account both those, and others. Has closely come nearer to "Milan" "Fiorentina". "Violets", owing to a goal of the best sniper of a series And Toni's Onions, have beaten soccer score hopeless "Lechche" which, most likely, and will finish the championship on last place.

The second goal in the present championship was hammered for Sampdoria “by Vitaly Kutuzov. However, this ball of success to a command of the Belarus forward has not brought. On the floor have concluded the world with modest “Treviso " - 1:1.