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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Brazilians go to world cup soccer

Brazilians go to Moscow
The First contender of football score modular Russia under direction of Alexander Borodjuka become five world champions Brazilians. A place of a meeting of two commands will be capital stadium " Locomotive ". To lead companionable game it is planned on first of March.
On last Friday Russian football score player Alexander Borodjuk known in the past has signed the contract with the Russian football score union (RFS) according to which till 2008 it will to act as the senior trainer of the first and youth combined best soccer score teams. As president RFS Vitaly Mutko marked, Borodjuk will world cup soccer until train the main command of the country, there will be no yet a foreign expert who will want to work from the Russian combined team. Nevertheless right after signings of agreement Borodjuk has admitted, that it has already a plan of work with the first command of the country.
" I already have a plan, and I shall adhere to it. If to speak more particularly that, as to the first combined team, it will be possible to solve all afterworld cup soccer the toss-up of a selection cycle of the championship of the Europe of 2008 which, as is known, will pass on January, 27th takes place. Proceeding from it contenders on companionable matches also will get out.

For example, if Englishmen we shall try to find the contender similar on style of game will get to us.
In this plan Scots will approach. While before start of selection tournament the plan is those: we should play three companionable Games world cup soccer. One of them roughly takes place on first of March. By this time it will be already necessary to define and a circle of candidates for a combined team ", - spoke Borodjuk.
Despite world cup soccer of care of the senior trainer of combinedsoccer score teams, some information leakage all the same has occured. However, from contenders of Russians world cup soccer . Its acknowledgement at RFS while are not present. However Brazilian edition Globo is considered authoritative enough, and to not trust it it is impossible. And so, on pages Globo the information that on first of March in stadium " Locomotiv" the companionable match between combinedsoccer score teams of Brazil and Russia takes place has been published.
Probably, that Mutko has tried to kill two hares: to agree about a meeting and at the same time to communicate to the qualified world cup soccer trainer whom in this case is Karlos Alberto Parrejra. In fact nobody gives a guarantee, that it remains at a rudder brazilians after the world championship in Germany. To work with combinedsoccer score teams of the countries of " the third football score world " what, alas, the Russian command now is considered, Parrejre to not get used. Earlier it trained commands of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
However, while in arrival to Moscow Brazilians it is trusted hardly. In fact hardly on first of March the lawn stadium will be in a soccer score optimum condition. And for Brazilians a condition a field. Players of modular Brazil play leading clubs of the Europe, and the trauma received by one on almost still a winter lawn of "Locomotive", can deprive with that chance world cup soccer to play on superiority of the world. And thesoccer score European clubs in which play the overwhelming majority of Brazilian soccer score "collections", will burn with the desire to release hardly soccer score probable the football score players in almost still winter Moscow. As to Russians for them the combined team of Brazil soccer score will be good check of forces.
Last time our football score players met from modular Brazil in the autumn soccer score of 1998. The main trainer of our command world cup soccer has brought experimental structure which has been crushed - 1:5. To Brazil

In Moscow last time yellow-dark blue played August of 1996.
That game, in which our combined team Boris Ignatyev world cup soccer supervised soccer score, has passed in stadium " Dynamo " and has come to the end in a draw - 2:2.