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Friday, May 05, 2006

57 days - soccer scores

On Wednesday in the evening the board of directors of Madrid “Real” has practically unanimously sent in resignation of the president of club Fernando Martin. It has established a record in history of “Royal club”, having worked in posts of the president of only 57 days.
The Unsatisfactory results shown last years by Madrid "Real" on internal and European soccer scores, already for a long time created preconditions for radical personnel changes. And if in the championship of Spain it is possible to explain long failures by fantastic game of "Barcelona" in League of champions which year successively and especially quality of game involuntarily directs weak performance at ideas on insufficient qualification of club management. Not speaking about that last two years at a command in the chaotic image trainers vary, selection politics "Real" and a microclimate in a command also leave much to be desired. The Brazilian Diaspora during board of compatriot Vanderlej Lushemburg has got used to be in exclusive conditions, not showing thus of an outstanding soccer score game.
The impression is made, that the management of "Real" for a long time already does not have thought over policy of development of club.

Martin became the president of "Real" around of desire of fans or board of directors. In February of this year it was chosen the successor by the long-term president of club Florentino Peres. It still then has felt gravity of crisis.

To a command and in time has resigned. Peres's authority was so high, that on Martin's nominee no questions then have arisen. In 2004 Peres has been re-elected by the president of "Real" for repeated four-year-old term soccer scores, having received thus of 95 percent of voices of members of club of fans. Having come in "Real" in the beginning of 2000, Peres has managed liquidated mullions-strong debts of a command, having sold training base in the center of Madrid. At Peres a number of loud purchases among which it is possible to name David Bekhem, Zinedin Zidan, the Fig, Ronaldo and Robino has been carried out. However to board of directors “Real " of protégé Peres has from the very beginning pleased not. For almost two months of the short board Martin has not found time to collect soccer scores board of directors in any way.

One of the most authoritative members of advice Ramon Kalderon in March has declared that the command is in a desperate situation and it is necessary to lead presidential elections of club as soon as possible. “The club gradually collapses and now the moment when it is necessary to appoint presidential elections, - has declared Kalderon. - Two months has passed since that moment as new president Martin has replaced Florentino Peres, but till now it did not gather board of directors ". According to legally not irreproachable procedure of transfer of authority from Peres to Martin, last had the mandate on presidential powers till 2008. Advice of elders of "Real" it certainly did not suit, and under pressing of directors and active representatives fun groupings, Martin has been compelled to collect all the same on Wednesday the next assembly of heads of club. Predictably, at this assembly the question on purpose of early election of the president has been lifted. From 19 members of soccer scores board of directors possessing a vote, in session took part only 16, and at voting concerning expediency of early election to Martin was to get support only five person enough.

However, voices were divided in the ratio 15:1, that has automatically solved fade the president of "Real".

According to the charter of club to have an opportunity to take part in new elections, Martin should resign soccer scores. It instantly also has made it, immediately having submitted to resignation from a post of the president and a member of board of directors. Resignation has been unanimously accepted, and Martin has left office of the soccer score club, located on territory of stadium, already ordinary Spanish businessman. Though date of elections in which members of club of fans take part all, is not approved yet, it is supposed, that voting takes place on June, 4th soccer bet online. Up to the announcement of results of elections the oldest will act as the president of "Real" among members of board of director’s 83-years Luis Gomes Montehano. As the ex-president of "Real" has declared after assembly, the decision of soccer scores board of directors has been dictated by unsuccessful soccer scores game of a command and indignation of fans. The press attaché of board of directors “Real " Enrike Sanchez has declared, that the decision on early election was weighed and thought over all sports betting odds. "We plan to open the new period in history of “Real ", - Sanchez has declared. - Advice has entirely approved early election. All technical services will continue to function in a normal mode". It also has declared, that, despite lacking the president, selection soccer scores service "Real " actively conducts development of variants of signing of the new players, capable to strengthen a command, and already in the near future will be declared the first purchases of club in a new soccer scores season.
The Key question which should be solved to the new president of "Real", the choice of the new soccer scores main trainer of club certainly is.

Huan Ramon Lopez Karo has successfully enough worked on a post acting, but to the soccer scores club putting high problems, the instructor of other level is certainly necessary. Among possible nominees of the new soccer scores trainer of "Real" the Spanish journalists is more often everyone name names of Swede Ericsson and Italian Karlo Anchelotti.