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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Van Nistelroy, Andriy Shevchenko,Cristian Ronaldo, Wayne Bridge and other soccer score players

"Chelsea" waits Andriy Shevchenko's for decision, Van Nistelroy has not fought with Cristian Ronaldo, and Wayne Bridge has received a knife on the person. The latest news from the national teams preparing to the world soccer socer cup in Germany.

The main trainer of the MU Alex Ferguson on Monday has held meeting with the general manager of soccer scores club David Gillom in occasion of exhibiting to a transfer attacking commands Ore van Nistelroy. As informs Tuttosport, the price for van Nistelroy should make the order 10 million pounds sterling. There is also a variant according to which the player becomes a part of the transaction on which results a T-short “red devils“ the leader Madrid "Atletiko" will put on Fernando Torres.

The leading forward of a combined team of the Netherlands already has declared, that is not measured to remain in Manchester. As an occasion that was served with the conflict of the soccer score player to the trainer which recently seldom let out Ore in starting structure. In addition, the Dutch has spoiled attitudes with partners on a command.

On one of last trainings van Nistelroy hardly has not fought with Cristian Ronaldo which it has venomously called the sonny of assistant Alex Ferguson Karlush Kejrush.

The defender "Chelsea" Wayne Bridge does not miss also. On the eve the soccer score player who has lead an ending of a season in rent in "Fulheme", has got involved in the fight which has happened in one clubs of London. As informs BBC, as a result of fight to the player have knifed the person. However the player has refused services of the machine of first aid caused in the emergency order. We shall remind that the Bridge has got in the forward ordering of England on the world soccer cup. And here the defender "Sampdori" Aimo Diana to Germany will not play. There will be no there and the attacking "Monaco" Christian Vieri. As informs Reuters, it on Tuesday was declared by the main trainer of modular Italy Marcello Lippi. Christian Vieri operation on the left knee, and at Diana a trauma of a groin is necessary. He will declare names of 23 soccer scores players which will go on world soccer cup, on May, 15th. Zinedin Zidan, in past days off lead last official match at a club level in structure of "Real" and finishing sports career after superiority of a planet in Germany, it is offered after world soccer cup to return to Spain and to become the trainer of a children's command of the Madrid club. As inform the Italian mass-media, Zidan becomes the soccer scores trainer of children till 10 years.

Also the management "Galaktikos" has obliged the main trainer of "Milan" Karlo Anchelotti to hurry with the decision in occasion of the future plans. Bosses of "Real" wish to conclude the contract with the expert during the nearest seven days.

The management of soccer scores club while is engaged in negotiations with soccer score players. On the eve "Milan" has offered the contract to the French defender "Chelsea" to William Gallas. As the French mass-media, the Italians weakened by leaving in "Ajax" inform, plan to rejuvenate defensive orders where such "grandfathers" as Kafu play, Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Costacurta. Besides bosses red-black will be compelled to carry on negotiations and with Andriy Shevchenko which is measured to ask revision of the sum of its operating contract aside increase. Ukrainian it is measured to receive in "Milan" of 115 thousand pounds in a week. If the management of soccer scores club will find its appetites excessive, the forward is measured to demand from officials of its sale in "Chelsea" which during all last season did not hide the interest to Shevchenko. A serious trump of “Chelsea” is also that fact, that spouse Andriy the American model Kristen Pazik sleeps literally and sees it living in London.