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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Runi and Ronaldino in "FIFA-06"

Runi and Ronaldino will appear on covers of a popular sports simulator from Electronic Arts "FIFA-06". The sum of the transaction does not discuss, but it is possible to assume, that as well as in case of Shevchenko, about of $1.5 million. The versions of soccer score “FIFA-06” will appear for Playstation2, Xbox, GameCube, GameBoy Advance, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. The variant for Xbox360, will be shown later.

Bekham loosing capitancy

The halfback of Madrid "Real" David Bekham, apparently, will lose a captain's bandage in modular England after the world soccer score cup 2006. Steve Maklaren who will head a national command upon termination of tournament in Germany has hinted At it. On Thursday it has been officially named by the successor of Ericsson and has given the first press conference in new quality.

Conversations that Bekham - not the best candidate on a place of the captain, are conducted in English press already for a long time, but the Ericsson which has entrusted to the player a captain's bandage five more years back, is not going to change anything before so responsible tournament. Besides recently there was an information, that sponsors of a soccer score team would lose many money in case of "deposition" Bekham.

As to the McLaren it has refused to discuss a theme of the future captain of the soccer scores team, but has noted, that after world soccer cup to this question still will return. Now, in its opinion, everyone should help the Ericsson as it is possible to prepare is better a command for superiority of a planet and to not prevent to work to it.

It is considered, that the main candidates on a post of the captain of England at Steve Maklarene will be John Terri (Chelsey) and Stephen Dzherrard (Liverpool). Each of them acts these in the soccer score club.