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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lionel Messi has chosen as the most perspective soccer score player on world soccer cup

Visitors of an official site of the world soccer cup on soccer have chosen the most perspective young player of tournament. From 16 776 soccer fans who have taken part voting, 44 percent of admirers of soccer have given voices for attacking halfback of Argentina Lionel Messi who in a match with Serbia and Montenegro (6:0) has scored a goal.
Messi to which only 19 years on June, 24th will be executed, has received more than half of voices on the Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese versions of a site. It has won voting on English, French and German versions, having missed the first place only in the Portuguese version which visitors voted for the halfback of Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo.
As a result soccer score player Cristiano Ronaldo has taken the second place on results of voting, having typed 12 percent of voices. On the third place has settled down Luis Valencia from Ecuador (11 percent) which has managed to outstrip Wayne Rooney (9 percent). For Lukas Podolski 6 percent of users, for Spanish Sergio Ramos – 5 percent and for Swiss Philippe Senderos – 2 percent voted. 12 percent voted as the most perspective player named other soccer score players.