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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Saudi Arabia at World Soccer Cup

The team of Saudi Arabia in the history and in fourth time goes to fourth time on the world soccer cup successively. That can be expected from this command - to not clearly anybody. For example, in 1994 all waited from a muslim combined team of that it will lose for all three matches and will leave home after a group stage. So is not present, in the debut world soccer cup the combined team of Saudi Arabia though has lost Dutchs in a starting match (1:2), but then has won against moroccans (2:1) and Belgians (1:0), and has left in 1/8 endings where has lost Swedes with the account 1:3.

But the following two world soccer cups for Saudi Arabia obviously have not gone right.
1998 - two defeats (from modular Denmark - 0:1, from modular France - 0:4) and one drawn game (from the modular republic of South Africa - 2:2). 2002 - three defeats (from modular Germany - 0:8 (!), from a combined team of Cameroon - 0:1 and from modular Ireland - 0:3). From modular Saudi Arabia the command of Ukraine still never met, but, it appears, Oleg Blohina's to command this combined team quite on forces. In present selection tournament the combined team of Saudi Arabia under direction of Argentina expert Gabriel Kalderona has acted rather confidently, not having sufferred any defeat. At the first selection stage the command has won all six games at world soccer cup in which its contenders were modular Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Turkmenistan. At the second stage the combined team of Saudi Arabia met commands of South Korea, Uzbekistan and Kuwait, and in six games has gained four victories and two times has drawn.

Tunis at Soccer Cup

The team of Tunis from which ways still were never crossed, acted on worls soccer cups superiority three times. In 1978 in Argentina the command of Tunis has unexpectedly beaten a team of Mexico, has drawn from modular Germany, and also has lost a command of Poland. Despite of successful enough performance, in a following circle Africans could not make the way and have said goodbye to the worls soccer cups till 1998. However, there the team of Tunis could earn only one spot - in a match against football players of modular Romania who by then have provided to itself an output in a following stage and in this case have with its full complement painted to itself hair in bright yellow color. Up to that meeting the team of Tunis has lost commands of England and Colombia.

On worls soccer cup the team of Tunis spent the first match with a command of Russia. The match has passed at advantage of our command and has come to the end with the deserved victory of Russians over the account 2:0 - have distinguished Egor Titov and Valery Karpin (from a foul shot). Further tunisian have achieved a drawn game from modular Belgium (1:1) and have lost a command of Japan - 0:2 then have gone home.

In a present selection cycle the team of Tunis met commands of Morocco, Guinea, Kenya, Botswana and Malawi. Tunisian have lost glasses in total in four matches from ten: three drawn games - from a combined team of Malawi (2:2) and twice from a team of Morocco (2:2 and 1:1), and one defeat - from modular Guinea - 1:2. Now the combined team of Tunis is headed by the well-known trainer to Physiognomy Lemerr which has led a combined team of France to a victory over the worls soccer cup of 2000.

Spain at World Soccer Cup

The team of Spain traditionally is considered one of the strongest on a planet. However above this command as if there is certain damnation - it cannot achieve greater successes in a final part of the world soccer cup in any way. To take even last two superiority. In 1998 contenders of Spaniards were combined teams of Nigeria, Paraguay and Bulgaria. It would Seem, group quite passed for Spaniards - but it was necessary to them to lose Nigeria (2:3) and to draw with Paraguay (0:0) as the devastating victory over a final match above modular Bulgaria (6:1) has appeared useless, and Spaniards had to pack suitcases right after a group stage.

In world soccer cup 2002 the team of Spain has decided to not repeat mistakes of four-year-old prescription and has won all three matches of group tournament. With the account 3:1 were commands of Paraguay and Slovenia, and with the account 3:2 - a command of the republic of South Africa. But this time Spaniards the inability to beat has brought a foul shot. If in 1/8 endings the command with could change Irish in "lottery" in a quarterfinal against, at overwhelming support of a command of the contender, Spaniards have lost for duel impacts.
In present selection superiority the combined team of Spain played to the seventh selection group where its contenders were commands of Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Lithuania and San Marino. Results of tournament have turned out ambiguous. On the one hand, Spaniards have not suffered any defeat. With another - they have finished half of matches in a draw. As a result the first place in group was borrowed with Serbs, and Spaniards had to make the way on the world soccer cup through matches where their contenders were football players of Slovakia. In these two meetings at command Luis Aragones of problems was not: 5:1 at home and 1:1 on a visit (a good example for modular Russia which has not left in matches because of Slovaks, in particular). The team of Ukraine not so long ago met from modular Spain - within the limits of selection tournament of the championship of the world soccer cup between them took place two games. In March, 2003 these commands have lead in Kiev rather “a fighting match ". On 11-th minute has deduced owners weeding forward, On 84-th and 87-th minutes and have hammered on a goal into Alexander Shovkovski gate, but on 90-th minute of Pots has brought to the command a drawn game - 2:2. In September, 2003 in Spain the combined team of Ukraine has suffered defeat with the minimal difference in the account - 1:2. Two goals of Raul have answered with exact impact of Shevchenko.

The biggest achievement of modular Spain in the world soccer cups is a semifinal which the command has reached in 1950. Each world championship Spaniards wait from the command of a victory, but their each time waits disappointment. Something will be this time?