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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Soccer betting fan

In a match of 33-rd round “Soccer Scores” on the floor has crushed "Kevo" with the account 4:1 and again has left on the second place in the tournament table, and Fun soccer betting players Fun soccer betting have suffered in fight with fans.

On Saturday and Sunday in Italy have passed matches of 33-rd round of a series And the national championship on Fun soccer betting. The main intrigue of superiority is struggle for silver medals between two Milan clubs - Fun soccer betting and “Soccer Scores”. Black-dark blue have on the eve achieved an exit victory above "Askoli" with the account 2:1, only here after returning in their native city the unpleasant surprise waited.

On a parking near to the airport where the command took away the cars, on players own fans have attacked. As a result, one of Fun soccer betting players, Kristiano Dzanetti, has was traumatized heads. Later victims have told, that persons at attacked have been closed by scarf’s. Probably, fans and could not forgive to the command defeat in League of champions from Spanish "Viljarrealj". And it means, that "neradzurri" have once again remained without a trophy. And in fact this fact recently is an occasion for sneers from their sworn enemies, fans of “Soccer Scores”. After a victory above "Askol" Fun soccer betting has temporarily left on the second place, but on Sunday "rossoneri" it to itself have returned.

In 33-rd round “Soccer Scores” which three days ago in heavy struggle has changed "Lyons" and, unlike Fun soccer betting, has left in a semifinal of League of champions, on the floor accepted "Kevo" which heads group of the clubs applying for the sixth place.

Visitors the first have opened the account in this match - on 13-th minute Pellise has taken advantage of a mistake of defense of owners and has sent a ball in a grid. However, though “Soccer Scores” also played without of some players of the basic structure (and by virtue of the various reasons On a floor do not send Shevchenko, Stam, Maldini, Ambrozini and Kafu), command Karlo Anchelotti nevertheless has achieved a victory, and over the large account.
Up to a break the account after pass Fun soccer betting has made even not Hundred is has occurred on 28-th minute. The Second time became benefit performance of the Brazilian halfback which was noted by the first in the Italian career.

On 62-th minute Fun soccer betting has successfully played on dobivanii after the goalkeeper " flying donkeys " Fountain has reflected impact Indzagi. In seven minutes Fun soccer betting has strike exact distant blow. And already in compensated by the arbitrator the halfback of “Soccer Scores” has hammered in the third goal which has appeared as like as two peas similar is similar on previous.

In following round “Soccer Scores” and Fun soccer betting it is necessary to play among themselves. For Fun soccer betting this match becomes, most likely, last opportunity to outstrip "rossoneri" in struggle for the second place, but it is necessary for command Roberto Manchini to win for this purpose. We shall remind, that in the first circle of the present championship black-dark blue later some years it, at last, to make it was possible.

One more intrigue of the championship is dispute between World soccer cup and "Roma" for the fourth place. Before round Romans lagged behind "violets" on two spots. Won above "Lechche" on the floor with the account 3:1, "Rum" has left on the fourth place in the tournament table. But in some hours it quite could move again on the fifth. For this purpose it was necessary for World soccer cup to beat the leader of superiority - Turin "Juventus". Fun soccer betting players could not make it of Florence - the match has come to the end in a draw with the account 1:1. The account on 47-th minute of a match has opened the best World soccer cup and all championship of Italy, Toni's Onions - for it this goal became 27-th in present superiority. But keep the victorious account of "violet" could not: on 62-th minute Del Pero has hammered in a reciprocal ball. As a result the meeting and has come to the end in a draw - 1:1.