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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Iran not welcome to world soccer cup

A Number of German politicians have stated the offer to exclude a combined team of Iran from among participants of the world cup soccer because of antiSemitic applications of the president of this country.

The History of cup world knows cases when football score players suffered from actions of country leaders. For example in 1992 the combined team of Yugoslavia has been removed from the world cup soccer of the Europe because of the begun civil war. And here now similar threat has hung above a combined soccer score team of Iran.
Let's remind, that the president of this Muslim country - Mahmud Ahmadinezhad - repeatedly acted with antiSemitic applications.

In particular, the chapter of Iran has declared, that " the Zionist mode should be erased from a card of the world, and by means of divine force the world will shortly live without the USA and Israel ".

As " the German wave " informs, earlier the deputy of EuroParliament from "green" Angelika Beer has declared, that " the country with such president " has nothing to do on cup world. The Department head of federal chancellor Thomas de Mezer has specified, that considers as " interesting idea " the offer on exception of Iran from among participants cup world. At the same time the chapter of oppositional fraction in Bundestag Peter Shtruk has declared, that best soccer score players should not suffer that " at them the mad president ".
football score players of Iran have got in the beginning of new year unexpected support on behalf of the chancellor of Germany Angels Merkel which has spoken against exception of Iran of a final part of the world cup soccer.
" I skeptically concern to this idea, - have declared Merkel. - Basically, it could be considered, if the cup world was spent in Iran. Hardly football score players can affect somehow statements of the president ", - has told Merkel in interview Bild am Sonntag which results Reuters.

Meanwhile, the majority of inhabitants of Germany do not trust in success of the national football score combined team in the world cup soccer.
As has shown the interrogation lead under the order of weekly journal Spiegel, 80 percent of the population of the country adhere to this opinion.

Has presented Monday of New year and the news separately connected with the future world cup soccer forum. The picture of artist Michael Brown where best soccer score players " Manchester United " Wayne Runi and Rio Ferdinand and adjoining with the former prime minister of the Great Britain Uinstonom Churchill are represented, has caused indignation among fans of modular Germany. Under the statement of the chapter of federation of fans of modular Germany in England Malkolma Clark, this cloth " provokes displays of hooliganism from English fans, reviving the spirit of confrontation going from such image, connected with the second world war, as Churchill ".

" It is not necessary to kindle vicious feelings ", - Clark has declared. Michael Brown's pictures not for the first time cause ambiguous reaction soccer score. In 1997 on one of the cloths it has represented Jesus Eric Kantona who then supported " Manchester United " in image.