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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Andriy Shevchenko has trauma again, but has time to restore for world soccer cup.

The captain of Ukraine soccer team has left Andriy Shevchenko out of operation on three and a half of a week. The best soccer scores player of the Europe of 2004 has was traumatized the left knee in a match of the championship of Italy in which its "Milan" has beaten on departure "Parma" the account 3:2. Shevchenko has lead only eight minutes then has been replaced.

After the termination of game doctors of "Milan" have confirmed, that the Ukranian player has received damage. “The player does not require surgical intervention and can leave again on a floor in 25 days", - is told in the announcement on an official site of the Italian club.

Thus, Shevchenko will precisely pass last match of "Milan" in a present season in which its command will play with "Roma". "Rossoneri" still keep chances of a champion title, but also "Roma" will struggle for the fourth place entitling in a following season to play in League of champions.

Most likely, the leader of Ukraina team will have time to be restored to the first match of the command in the worls soccer cup in Germany against Spain. This game will pass on June, 14th. We shall remind that except for Spain in one group with Ukraine commands of Tunis and Saudi Arabia have got.

It is not excluded, that game against "Parma" became last match of Andriy Shevchenko for "Milan". On Sunday in the evening the Andriy has held a meeting with the owner of "Milan" Silvio Berluskoni on which as approves Channel4, the future of the soccer scores player in club was discussed. Under the informal information, Berluskoni has agreed to sell Shevchenko in "Chelsea", on the obtained money having strengthened all lines of a command.