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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Milan - one more step

In 23-rd round of the championship of Italy "Milan" has drawn, which became for it the second time successively. "Juventus", owing to goal Del Pero, has kept in eight glasses from "Inter" which has won "Chievo". To One of the central matches of 23-rd round of the championship of Italy became a duel in Rome where in Olympic stadium local "Latium" accepted "Milan" which chances on skudetto become theoretical more and more. Especially if to consider that fact, that recently business at command Karlo Anchelotti go not in the best image. "Milan" football score has already taken off from a national Cup, sensationally having lost "Palermo". In last round of a series And red-black on the floor could not pick up keys to a gate "Sampdorii", having taken in a duel only one spot.

However, while chances remain, "Milan" will struggle. What before a duel from "Latium" the Dutch halfback of command Klarens Sedorf has declared. “It is easier to tell, than to make soccer score. We work on trainings much, but us constantly does not suffice most. Now glasses are very necessary to us to not release “a Juventus "further away", - the Dutch has declared. In communication with the developed situation, an overall objective of "Milan" in this season soccer score there can be a League of champions where in 1/8 endings Italians should pass very uneasy contender - the Munich "Bavaria". “Unfortunately, chances on skudetto at us small, but are at us still League, the victory in which remains real prospect. The main thing that in the near future we showed normal game which would bring result. Then everyone will be happy ", - has noted Sedorf.

Voyage to Rome of troubles "Milan" did not promise soccer score. At the moment of an accounting meeting a series "Latium" against Milan club totaled 15 matches , and in 13-oe from them owners on a regular basis passed. Moreover, in five last duels capital football score players lost. Of course, "rossoneri" - very inconvenient contender for Romans.

However the match has not brought satisfaction neither that, nor another. 127-th internal meeting of the winner has not revealed, in 49-th time in history of rivalries of commands having come to the end in a draw which has gone on advantage "Juventus". " Old the signor ", owing to a goal of not growing old leader Alessandro Del Pero, has beaten the tournament table, having repeated an outcome of a duel of the first circle. A Safe series against a command from Udinese has reached 11 matches (ten victories of victories and a drawn game), and for this time " Juventus " has passed only two football score goals. At the same time command Fabio Kapello has reached fantastic figure in 20 victories over 23 matches of the present championship, lose which can to prevent only a miracle soccer score.

Joyful news to admirers of "Juventus" was informed by the general director of club Ljuchano Modzhi who once again soccer score has noted, that Swede Zlatan Ibragimovich will not pass in Madrid "Real". " It only hearings. But even if the management of the Madrid club would express desire to get the football score player, we would give up. “Juventus " possesses the best attacking line in Italy, and we shall try to keep it ", - has told Modzhi.

Owing to Cruise's goal, Milan "Inter" has not allowed "Juventus" to increase the, before start of matches of 23-rd round made football score 8 glasses. And "neradzurri" have won even in spite of the facts that are contender very inconvenient for them. From four matches on “San-Siro " two have come to the soccer score end in a draw. On one victory have written down on the account both those, and others. Has closely come nearer to "Milan" "Fiorentina". "Violets", owing to a goal of the best sniper of a series And Toni's Onions, have beaten soccer score hopeless "Lechche" which, most likely, and will finish the championship on last place.

The second goal in the present championship was hammered for Sampdoria “by Vitaly Kutuzov. However, this ball of success to a command of the Belarus forward has not brought. On the floor have concluded the world with modest “Treviso " - 1:1.

Turkey football scores

Executive committee FIFA did not begin to debar a combined team of Turkey from the world world cup soccer of 2010. For the fight made after of match world cup soccer with Switzerland, Turks six games will lead on a neutral floor. In general executive committee FIFA has made loyal enough decision to Istanbul. According to the born verdict, the football score combined team of Turkey will play six official matches on a neutral floor and without spectators. Besides FIFA has punished two Turkish players - Alpaja Ozalana and Emre Belozoglu. They are disqualified on six matches. To the same punishment the player of modular Switzerland Benjamin Hjuggel who has struck the assistant to modular Turkey soccer score Mehmeta Ozdileka is subjected. Thus, Hjuggel will pass all world championship, play on which it can only in the event that Switzerland will reach the ending. The assistant to the main trainer of Turks Mehmet Ozdilek, in turn, is discharged of football score activity for a year.

Turkey also has been fined on 200 thousand Swiss francs soccer score ($154,2 thousand) Besides a number of football score players and trainers have received less serious punishments. As to position of Turks it is not soccer score too hopeless. As minister of sports of Turkey Mahmet Ali Sahim has declared in interview, the football score federation of this country will submit the appeal to the Swiss court in Lausanne (CAS.) " I can tell, that this decision world cup soccer unfair as it has more likely political character, instead of sports ", - has declared Ali Sahim.

Has put the end in this business Haluk Ulusoj, the president of federation of football score of Turkey who has expressed confidence, that CAS will make the fair decision. " I am very upset. It is simply insulting for the country, it is simple so I shall not reconcile to decision FIFA ", - have told Ulusoj. The End of 2005 in general has stood out complex for football score disciplinary bodies. Scandalous behavior of players of youth modular world cup soccer in a match against Denmark, disciplinary investigation on circumstances of each of ten soccer score reciprocal matches. Without delay FIFA promised all to punish in the most most severe image. Should get to Turks who became originators of the fight involved in which Most have appeared football score players, trainers and security guards of stadium.
This history of has begun that 12-th Swiss’s in Bern have beaten the Turk - 2:0 soccer score in this connection chances of an output in final part world cup soccer at bronze prize-winners of the previous world superiority it was noticeably reduced soccer score. The pressure, excessive even for matches of world superiority, was felt in Bern. The instructor of Turkish command soccer score Fatih Terim during that meeting over a measure has been excited, constantly appealed to the arbitrator, and after game has promised to arrange to Swiss’s enthusiastic welcome. The turkish expert has not deceived visitors. At the airport of Istanbul the delegation from Switzerland was met with hostile crowd of Turkish fans in world cup soccer which also have promised, that the quiet life at visitors during stay in Turkey will not be.

In the antiSwiss campaign, similar, employees of the Istanbul airport have been involved also. Members of the Swiss delegation waited for luggage and passages of passport control two hours, and all this time the police hardly constrained crowd which strove to rush into a building of the airport. When Swiss’s have seemed in the street, threats have departed to their address and curses. “They promised to cut to us a throat ", - one of players of modular Switzerland has told then. The Bus, in which the Swiss delegation has sat down, has been thrown by eggs. Probably, such meeting became reaction to words Terima, accused Swiss’s that those have given to Turks in Bern intolerable conditions for residing. The Turkish expert has declared that beside with the Swiss hotel where best soccer scores its command has stopped, there was a disco, noise from which ostensibly prevented to have a rest normally to players of modular Turkey.

Turkey has managed to win in Istanbul with the account 4:2 soccer score, but everyone will equally go to Germany Swiss’s - due to the goals hammered on another’s floor. When happy visitors left a field of stadium “SHjukrju Saradzhoglu ", from tribunes various subjects have departed to them. Having world cup soccer bent down under bombardment, Swiss’s have run in premises, but also there it was not rescue.

The halfback of modular Switzerland Johann Lonf later has told about those events hardly. " After a match we have directed to a tunnel leading in a locker room, - the Swiss tells. - there we have been beaten by players of modular Turkey and police which, on idea, should protect us. Stefan Grihting has received some impacts, - has added Lonfat. - It was all in blood and has left for hospital. All of us in a shock. Fogel and Hjuggel also have been beaten. All of us have been attacked. It is unprecedented ". Grihting has been beaten so strongly, that within ten days has been compelled to be in hospital. The First impact to the defender "Osera" was put by the player of modular Turkey Alpaj, and it has got in objectives of the television cameras worked in podtribunnyh premises. In general witnesses of separate episodes of fight in podtribunnyh premises " SHjukrju Saradzhoglu " could become many televiewers world cup soccer. So, when the forward of modular Switzerland Marko SHtreller gave interview to one of the German telechannels, the player of modular Turkey passed by it suddenly from all to a move has called in a fist in an objective of the chamber.

In the fastened fight Swisses of have shown children not weak. So, Benjamin Hjuggel, still escaping from a field under bombardment of raging tribunes, was in time ljagnut a leg of the assistant to the trainer of modular Turkey Mehmeta Ozdileka. Speak, that the Swiss, thus, stood up for itself and for younger partner on command Trankilo Barnettu. However Turks with rare exception like Halila Altyntopa, come then to Swisses in a locker room and apologized, did not consider themselves world cup soccer guilty.

Without delay president FIFA Zepp Blatter promised to understand very rigidly with Turks. One time there was a speech even about discharge from participation in the world championship of 2010 of modular Turkey. It was expected, that the executive committee will make a decision by December, 9th when in Leipzig there should pass a toss-up of final part world cup soccer. However business has turned out so complex, that removal of a verdict has been postponed till February, 7-thth.

Brazilians go to world cup soccer

Brazilians go to Moscow
The First contender of football score modular Russia under direction of Alexander Borodjuka become five world champions Brazilians. A place of a meeting of two commands will be capital stadium " Locomotive ". To lead companionable game it is planned on first of March.
On last Friday Russian football score player Alexander Borodjuk known in the past has signed the contract with the Russian football score union (RFS) according to which till 2008 it will to act as the senior trainer of the first and youth combined best soccer score teams. As president RFS Vitaly Mutko marked, Borodjuk will world cup soccer until train the main command of the country, there will be no yet a foreign expert who will want to work from the Russian combined team. Nevertheless right after signings of agreement Borodjuk has admitted, that it has already a plan of work with the first command of the country.
" I already have a plan, and I shall adhere to it. If to speak more particularly that, as to the first combined team, it will be possible to solve all afterworld cup soccer the toss-up of a selection cycle of the championship of the Europe of 2008 which, as is known, will pass on January, 27th takes place. Proceeding from it contenders on companionable matches also will get out.

For example, if Englishmen we shall try to find the contender similar on style of game will get to us.
In this plan Scots will approach. While before start of selection tournament the plan is those: we should play three companionable Games world cup soccer. One of them roughly takes place on first of March. By this time it will be already necessary to define and a circle of candidates for a combined team ", - spoke Borodjuk.
Despite world cup soccer of care of the senior trainer of combinedsoccer score teams, some information leakage all the same has occured. However, from contenders of Russians world cup soccer . Its acknowledgement at RFS while are not present. However Brazilian edition Globo is considered authoritative enough, and to not trust it it is impossible. And so, on pages Globo the information that on first of March in stadium " Locomotiv" the companionable match between combinedsoccer score teams of Brazil and Russia takes place has been published.
Probably, that Mutko has tried to kill two hares: to agree about a meeting and at the same time to communicate to the qualified world cup soccer trainer whom in this case is Karlos Alberto Parrejra. In fact nobody gives a guarantee, that it remains at a rudder brazilians after the world championship in Germany. To work with combinedsoccer score teams of the countries of " the third football score world " what, alas, the Russian command now is considered, Parrejre to not get used. Earlier it trained commands of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
However, while in arrival to Moscow Brazilians it is trusted hardly. In fact hardly on first of March the lawn stadium will be in a soccer score optimum condition. And for Brazilians a condition a field. Players of modular Brazil play leading clubs of the Europe, and the trauma received by one on almost still a winter lawn of "Locomotive", can deprive with that chance world cup soccer to play on superiority of the world. And thesoccer score European clubs in which play the overwhelming majority of Brazilian soccer score "collections", will burn with the desire to release hardly soccer score probable the football score players in almost still winter Moscow. As to Russians for them the combined team of Brazil soccer score will be good check of forces.
Last time our football score players met from modular Brazil in the autumn soccer score of 1998. The main trainer of our command world cup soccer has brought experimental structure which has been crushed - 1:5. To Brazil

In Moscow last time yellow-dark blue played August of 1996.
That game, in which our combined team Boris Ignatyev world cup soccer supervised soccer score, has passed in stadium " Dynamo " and has come to the end in a draw - 2:2.

Iran not welcome to world soccer cup

A Number of German politicians have stated the offer to exclude a combined team of Iran from among participants of the world cup soccer because of antiSemitic applications of the president of this country.

The History of cup world knows cases when football score players suffered from actions of country leaders. For example in 1992 the combined team of Yugoslavia has been removed from the world cup soccer of the Europe because of the begun civil war. And here now similar threat has hung above a combined soccer score team of Iran.
Let's remind, that the president of this Muslim country - Mahmud Ahmadinezhad - repeatedly acted with antiSemitic applications.

In particular, the chapter of Iran has declared, that " the Zionist mode should be erased from a card of the world, and by means of divine force the world will shortly live without the USA and Israel ".

As " the German wave " informs, earlier the deputy of EuroParliament from "green" Angelika Beer has declared, that " the country with such president " has nothing to do on cup world. The Department head of federal chancellor Thomas de Mezer has specified, that considers as " interesting idea " the offer on exception of Iran from among participants cup world. At the same time the chapter of oppositional fraction in Bundestag Peter Shtruk has declared, that best soccer score players should not suffer that " at them the mad president ".
football score players of Iran have got in the beginning of new year unexpected support on behalf of the chancellor of Germany Angels Merkel which has spoken against exception of Iran of a final part of the world cup soccer.
" I skeptically concern to this idea, - have declared Merkel. - Basically, it could be considered, if the cup world was spent in Iran. Hardly football score players can affect somehow statements of the president ", - has told Merkel in interview Bild am Sonntag which results Reuters.

Meanwhile, the majority of inhabitants of Germany do not trust in success of the national football score combined team in the world cup soccer.
As has shown the interrogation lead under the order of weekly journal Spiegel, 80 percent of the population of the country adhere to this opinion.

Has presented Monday of New year and the news separately connected with the future world cup soccer forum. The picture of artist Michael Brown where best soccer score players " Manchester United " Wayne Runi and Rio Ferdinand and adjoining with the former prime minister of the Great Britain Uinstonom Churchill are represented, has caused indignation among fans of modular Germany. Under the statement of the chapter of federation of fans of modular Germany in England Malkolma Clark, this cloth " provokes displays of hooliganism from English fans, reviving the spirit of confrontation going from such image, connected with the second world war, as Churchill ".

" It is not necessary to kindle vicious feelings ", - Clark has declared. Michael Brown's pictures not for the first time cause ambiguous reaction soccer score. In 1997 on one of the cloths it has represented Jesus Eric Kantona who then supported " Manchester United " in image.