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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Referees on world soccer cup

Referees for work in the world soccer cup in Germany will receive $40.000. And the chapter of organizing committee world soccer cup -2006 Frantz Beckenbauer has declared that in the country all is already ready for start of the main competitions. Work of the referee in football is very important and complex. In fact almost in each game there are the situations demanding the immediate decision from the judge on which the outcome of a meeting often depends. Quite often the opinion of the arbitrator is born on public court and made comments. The international federation of football associations FIFA has solved, that in the future world soccer cup of a place to mistakes should not be. In this connection officials of football have decided to stimulate judges with dollar.

In the world soccer cup in Germany each arbitrator will earn twice more, than at a world forum in Japan and Korea. And fill up the account with the solid salary can not only the main arbitrators who will receive $40 thousand. FIFA has made a decision to pay the similar sum to each of linear judges and all seven spare referees.

“We have decided to increase the salary the judge twice in comparison with the world soccer cup in Japan and Korea, - secretary general FIFA Urs Linsi has declared. - For the first time we remunerate judges who could not pass last selection. In fact, despite of failure, they have done greater work and have achieved significant soccer score successes ".

These 23 referee who and will not go to Germany, will receive from FIFA on $20 thousands. In Berlin about the Brandenburg Gate the chapter of organizing committee world soccer cup Frantz Beckenbauer has presented an official ball of a final To Tuesday under name. After official ceremony the well-known soccer score player in the past has acted with criticism of president FIFA Zeppa Blattera which not so long ago has shown discontent with a course of distribution of tickets for soccer score games of tournament. Thus Beckenbauer has noted that in Germany all is already ready for world soccer cup.

“FIFA more than once criticized organizing soccer score committee. But, in my opinion, all indignations are stated not on business. Especially it concerns indignations Blattera on sale of tickets. At us all is already ready to start of the world soccer cup and we are ready to give though tomorrow. If FIFA will cease to carp, we shall concentrate only on one, and the main thing to a pleasant problem - soccer score", - has declared Beckenbaue.

The 27-years defender of "Birmingham" and modular England Mettj Apson because of a trauma of sinews cannot go on the world soccer score cup. Operation on Wednesday is necessary to the soccer score player, term of restoration after which will borrow about six months. Thus, the defender, possibly, will be sold after refusal to sign the new contract for the sum $6,5 million
In turn the trauma of the goalkeeper "Chelsea" Peter Cheh which it has received in collision with William Gallas in a match against "Everton", will not prevent to accept to it participation in following meetings of "aristocrats", and also to go in the soccer score summer to Germany.
" I have rushed behind a ball and have felt a pain. In the beginning I have thought, that have broken a leg. However the medical survey made later has not confirmed my fears soccer score. It is healthy. I think, that on a floor I shall return very soon ", - has declared Cheh.

No trauma disturbs the soccer score halfback of "Barcelona" of Ludovic Giuly. Nevertheless, the football player seriously is afraid, that to Germany to it to go it will not be possible. “I do not understand why Domenik does not consider soccer score me among candidates on world soccer cup. In fact I very much wish to go to Germany. If the trainer does not wish to see me in the command let even will publicly explain, why ", - has told Ludovic Giuly.