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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

England vs Paraguay – bet on score

Currently on William Hill it’s 1.53 to 6.00, that might change depends on Rooney condition.

Ericsson: we have a chance to become history
The trainer of England soccer team has told, that is assured that its soccer score command will leave in the ending of the world soccer cup. “If to us a little bit will carry, we shall be in the ending, - has told Ericsson. - We shall play to each game on a victory. In comparison with the last world soccer cup at us stronger structure". Any participant of the world soccer cup has no such support, as we. I think we can achieve much on this soccer cup", - the trainer has added.

The player of a soccer scores team of Paraguay Delio Toledo in interview says is a CHICKEN :) "England soccer score team certainly depends on Bekham. David plays very well, but I perfectly know a manner of its game and I know how to play against him. I hope, the trainer will let me play on world soccer cup against England"

Paraguay soccer squad:
Goalkeepers: VILLAR Justo, GOMEZ Derlis, BOBADILLA Aldo
Defenders: NUNEZ Jorge, TOLEDO Delio, GAMARRA Carlos, CACERES Julio Cesar, DA SILVA Paulo, MANZUR Julio, CANIZA Denis
Midfielders: BONET Carlos, CABANAS Salvador, BARRETO Edgar, ACUNA Roberto, GAVILAN Diego, PAREDES Carlos, RIVEROS Cristian, MONTIEL Jose, DOS SANTOS Julio
Forwards: SANTA CRUZ Roque, VALDEZ Nelson, CARDOZO Jose, CUEVAS Nelson

England soccer squad:
Goalkeepers: ROBINSON Paul, JAMES David, GREEN Robert
Midfielders: GERRARD Steven, BECKHAM David, LAMPARD Frank, COLE Joe, HARGREAVES Owen, JENAS Jermaine, CARRICK Michael, LENNON Aaron, DOWNING Stewart
Forwards: ROONEY Wayne, OWEN Michael, CROUCH Peter, WALCOTT Theo