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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tunis at Soccer Cup

The team of Tunis from which ways still were never crossed, acted on worls soccer cups superiority three times. In 1978 in Argentina the command of Tunis has unexpectedly beaten a team of Mexico, has drawn from modular Germany, and also has lost a command of Poland. Despite of successful enough performance, in a following circle Africans could not make the way and have said goodbye to the worls soccer cups till 1998. However, there the team of Tunis could earn only one spot - in a match against football players of modular Romania who by then have provided to itself an output in a following stage and in this case have with its full complement painted to itself hair in bright yellow color. Up to that meeting the team of Tunis has lost commands of England and Colombia.

On worls soccer cup the team of Tunis spent the first match with a command of Russia. The match has passed at advantage of our command and has come to the end with the deserved victory of Russians over the account 2:0 - have distinguished Egor Titov and Valery Karpin (from a foul shot). Further tunisian have achieved a drawn game from modular Belgium (1:1) and have lost a command of Japan - 0:2 then have gone home.

In a present selection cycle the team of Tunis met commands of Morocco, Guinea, Kenya, Botswana and Malawi. Tunisian have lost glasses in total in four matches from ten: three drawn games - from a combined team of Malawi (2:2) and twice from a team of Morocco (2:2 and 1:1), and one defeat - from modular Guinea - 1:2. Now the combined team of Tunis is headed by the well-known trainer to Physiognomy Lemerr which has led a combined team of France to a victory over the worls soccer cup of 2000.