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Sunday, May 21, 2006

USA soccer team. Soccer score player Landon Donovan.

Become by opening of the past superiority of a planet Lendon Donovan for four years has grown up and has turned to the original leader of a soccer team of the USA.

Donovan's Family can be named sports. Its chapter Tim Donovan not bad played hockey, drove a washer in the lowest leagues, and even was invited in training camp "Los Angeles Kings". There were hockey players - elder brother of Landon Tim and sister Sherri, play in Canada. One more brother Josh took a great interest in mortal combat sports and was enlisted in army. The sister-twin with a little bit unusual name for girl Tristan also soccer player.

With unusual for Americans love to soccer in 1970th Tim Donovan- elder has imparted his kids to. Itself Landon likes to hit a ball not only on a green lawn, but also sitting next the screen of a computer. Soccer score trainers from "Bayer" found Donovan’s talent and invited him to. In 2001 it has left “Bayer” in return back to the home and was taken by "San Jose Earthquakes". Having received a necessary soccer score game practice, Landon was in good shape to the world soccer cup of 2002. By then the 20-years forward had already considerable experience of performances for a soccer team - it debuted in it on October, 25th, 2000 in a duel with Mexicans, and has received the first call in a national command and at all year earlier, at 17-years age. So on world superiority Donovan has gone the mature master. In Korea Landon has hammered to Portuguese and Mexicans, and masterful transfers on advantage have been estimated by experts and journalists - Donovan has been included in symbolical soccer teams at once under several versions.

USA soccer team:
Goalkeepers: HOWARD Tim, KELLER Kasey, HAHNEMANN Marcus

Defenders: ALBRIGHT Chris, BOCANEGRA Carlos, MASTROENI Pablo, CHERUNDOLO Steve, LEWIS Eddie, GIBBS Cory, CONRAD Jimmy, ONYEWU Oguchi, POPE Eddie

Midfielders: O BRIEN John, DEMPSEY Clint, REYNA Claudio, OLSEN Ben, CONVEY Bobby, BEASLEY DaMarcus

Forwards: DONOVAN Landon. JOHNSON Eddie, CHING Brian, WOLFF Josh, MC BRIDE Brian