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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Weather will affect results of commands on world soccer cup

In Germany data about influence of weather on soccer games of the commands participating in the world soccer cup are promulgated. As informs press, these data have been received as a result of the research lead by magazine, compared results over 90 games of soccer score teams of Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England, France and Italy with weather conditions at which passed these matches. As it has appeared, the main things "heat experts" are Italians; cool weather is better approaches Brazilians.

The soccer team of Italy has headed the list of the above-stated teams which have gained the greatest number of soccer score games at temperature over 27 degrees, and Brazilians have achieved the best results when the thermometer showed below 18 degrees.
Research also has shown that than weather conditions are more extreme at carrying out of a match, chances of contenders of a victory especially are leveled.

The best weather for the French soccer score players players, according to data of research, are 19,6 degrees, for Brazilians - 19,8 degrees, Argentinians - 21 degree, England soccer players - 22,3 degrees, Germans and Italians - 23,3 degrees.

Ronaldino: the captain of England should be Lampard

Attacker of "Barcelona" and Brazilians soccer team Ronaldino has declared, that the captain of England in the world soccer cup in Germany should be Frenk Lampard. As informs “The Sun”, Ronaldino has declared the following: “I think, that for the lack of Runi the most valuable player for England will be Lempard. I very much respect with it and, in my opinion, it the present leader of England soccer team. It and John Terri are the best samples of English spirit, - the player has declared. - It is awful, that Runny has was traumatized before the world soccer cup, it is very a pity to me it. I wish it the prompt recover and I hope that it happens prior to the beginning of the championship".