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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Soccer bet on tie

The first series of opposition Ronalda Cumana and Franc Rejkarda which were in 80th years of the last century a stronghold of a combined team of the Netherlands has come to the end with the Zero drawn game. them soccer scores and "Barcelona" have transferred finding-out of attitudes in a quarterfinal of World soccer cup on reciprocal soccer bet game which will pass in a week.

Thus commands, despite of the account, have shown attacking soccer bet game, having missed not one chance to score a goal. And if in the first time advantage owned after a break already owners more sharply attacked.

In fight of the Portuguese soccer bet and Spanish clubs over which two great Dutch supervise, all - from up to experts and fans - consider "Barcelona" as not easier favorite of this pair, but also the main applicant for a victory over League of champions. And soccer scores consider as the outsider: say, for the command taking only the third place in the World soccer cup of Portugal, an output in a World soccer cup - already big success. However, Kuman and its wards for certain consider differently. soccer scores was aimed not less than at a victory over the first, house match, and it is desirable to not pass in the stadium “Yes Pools “soccer bet. The blessing the played structure of protection allows. It in an attack at Cumana was problems. Because of disqualification the World soccer cup which were replaced with Brazilian Zheovanni (to a word passed game, it and its partner on attack of soccer scores Simon Sabroza in due time played "Leopard"). In a soccer bet Andrey Karjaka has been declared. Nevertheless preconditions to that "Barcelona" should try fairly to secure the gate, were. The Match in Lisbon was passed by two leading central defenders soccer bet - disqualified Karles Pujol and the injured Rafael Marquez, let alone Edmilsone, which on the sick-list for a long time. Franc Rejkard had to break a head, and as a result it has chosen a variant with translation World soccer cup in the center of defense Oleger which usually plays on the right, and nominal " Tjago Mott. And here who expected from Rejkard strengthening of the central zone, considering soccer bet translation back Mott and trauma Messi, deeply was mistaken. The well-known player in the past of the defensive plan which, becoming the trainer, has imparted to the star command World soccer cup especially attacking style, has entered into structure van Bommel, and to the aid Ronaldino - the most experienced Swedish Henrik Larsson, taken a place soccer bet on the right flank, and Andres Inest. So actually six football players "Leopards" send with one problem - to attack.

And such attacking soccer bet spirit of football players "Leopards" from first minutes has set World soccer cup unexpected enough rhythm of game. Football players of soccer scores shy tried to put pressure soccer bet upon the updated protection World soccer cup of the soccer bet Spanish club whereas visitor’s soccer scores attacked under the full program. Owing to successful pressure game advantage at once has passed to "Barcelona". Already on sixth minute Ronaldino beat on a gate after draw free twice, but at height there was goalkeeper Moretto. Fine solo pass has made Inesta, but has decided to punch itself and has made it soccer bet unsuccessfully. At last, on 18-th minute to the Deck has been obliged to hammer, having received a ball in penal World soccer cup after a beautiful combination with participation Ronaldino and Eto. But missed.

However, soccer bet in three minutes soccer scores has snapped really, but ZHeovanni from an advantage-ground also has missed. On 33-rd minute "Barcelona" has missed the next moment after pass van Bommel through. But the Dutch on the center where was Moretto which has reflected a ball a leg soccer bet has punched. And in an ending of a time the similar moment has missed Eto. However, the goalkeeper of soccer scores there and then hardly was it was not dishonored, unsuccessfully having beaten out a ball on van Bommel which in the extreme soccer bet image has missed. As a result, despite of all problems "Leopards" in defense, soccer scores, except for distant and usually inexact impacts, anything opposes soccer bet more class football players "Leopards" could not. However, after a break owners have added, in many respects it was promoted by an output of jet Italian Soccer scores. The impact First in the second time on gate Moretto, and that harmless, have put on 56-th minute when has punched after soccer scores submission angular Ronaldino. But there and then gate Moretto had the most dangerous moment when twice goalkeeper was rescued with a bar. First it in a rack has translated a ball after impact in emphasis Larssona, and after submission soccer bet angular in a skeleton has punched Motta. In answer should open the account after Valdes before it has beaten off impact Soccer scores. The defenders blocked impact of the Brazilian has rescued. These minutes protection "Leopards" has started to give failures soccer bet, whereas owners and so did not look the standard of reliability. World soccer cup has gone from a gate up to a gate: the moments arose almost every minute.

To return the commands soccer bet to the organized game and to remind about discipline, the Dutch trainers synchronously soccer scores spend replacements soccer scores with the purpose, first of all, to strengthen a midfield. And it at players "Leopards" turns out, though last ten minutes some more chances were missed by owners soccer bet when Sabroz (twice) and Soccer scores could not punch Valdes. As a result the match soccer bet has come to the end in a draw about which it is accepted to speak “fighting let and zero ". Both World soccer cup have missed many the dangerous moments and have transferred finding-out of attitudes on a return match which will pass soccer bet on April, 5th.

Ronaldinho at world soccer cup

After the French edition "France Soccer Bet" which has awarded " the Gold ball " the best soccer score player of the Europe to Brazilian Ronaldinho, the soccer score player of year has recognized the halfback of "Barcelona" and FIFA.

Officially recognition Ronaldinho the best it is planned to declare on Monday in the evening at annual gala performance FIFA which by tradition takes place in a building of the Zurich opera. Unlike voting "France Soccer Bet" in which leading sports editions take part, in interrogation FIFA trainers of national combined teams world soccer cup, and also representatives of association of soccer score players-professionals from whom captains of national combined teams usually vote are involved. There is also one more distinction, the truth, in practice not essential. “The gold ball " "France Soccer Bet" is handed over to the soccer score player - to the native from any continent, supporting the world soccer cup. Prize FIFA can be handed over besides to the representative of any parts of the world not so necessarily acting in the Europe.

But in practice of the big difference is not present, in fact all the best players of the world for a long time already act in the world soccer cup. Interrogation FIFA is spent since 1991. In it to year after voting trainers and soccer score players the three of the best which has been promulgated almost one month ago has been selected. Into this three have entered the halfback "CHelsi" Frenk Lempard and two soccer score players of "Barcelona" - Samuel Eto and Brazilian Ronaldinho. Hit in three Eto'O looked a little bit unexpected. All the same the combined team of Cameroon in it to year could not be qualified on the world soccer cup, and in club for Eto'O year has stood out successful, even very successful, but no more that.

Any impartial fan of soccer score can name at least five soccer score players who has lead a season more brightly, rather than Eto.

Probably, for a united front the African trainers and soccer score players have voted. And can be, in FIFA have corrected results of voting from reasons of political correctness that three applicants represented all different world soccer cup.

Before ceremony, however, to keep as fiduciary results of voting it was not possible. On Monday in the morning Spanish Marca has left with the message that under version FIFA is recognized by the best soccer score player of year Ronaldinho. Month earlier the same informed edition "has guessed", that Ronaldinho will receive " the Gold ball ", for some days up to the official announcement of results voting "France Soccer Bet". However, the Spanish journalists a little than risked - from three remained candidates the choice of the Brazilian as the player of year was the most natural. Ronaldinho has been recognized FIFA by the best and one year ago (then it has outstripped Terri Anri and Andrey Shevchenko) and then such recognition inspired the certain doubts world soccer cup. But this year has lead number even more strongly, than previous, and that it this time deserves the main prize, to doubt it was not necessary. It is necessary to remind the basic biographic data of the best soccer score player of 2005.

Ronaldinho was born on March, 21st, 1980 in the Mouth. In 1998 debuted in structure of "Gremio", and in a year - in a national command (in game with Latvia) world soccer cup. In same to year has won the Cup of America, and in a year became the best the Cup of confederations. In 2001 has passed in French "Soccer Bet " for $4,5 million In 2002 became the world soccer cup, having scored a goal in chetvertfinalnom a match with England. In July, 2003 has signed the five years' contract with "Barcelona" for which acts and up to now. The best soccer score player of the world soccer cup under version FIFA of 2004, the owner of “the Gold ball " best player of the Europe of 2005. Now Ronaldinho there was the second soccer score player in the history, achieved ranks " a Player of year " twice successively.
Up to the player of "Barcelona" similar it was possible only to its namesake Ronaldo (full name Ronaldinho - Ronaldo Gaushu di Assish Morejra) which after "double" in 96-th and 97-th years has been again recognized by the best also in 99-th.

But all riddles of ceremony in the Zurich opera are not limited to official announcement of results of voting. It will be not known, in particular, who is chosen oooaieenoeie-2005. For this rank apply world soccer cup Prince, registered among one year ago March, and also American Shennon Boxing. Besides it winners of a special prize of president FIFA and winners in nomination Fair Play will be named. Also the name of best "soccer score player" of a planet in nomination FIFA Interactive world soccer cup of the Year will be declared. To it becomes the one who will win the ending of the network version of computer game FIFA 2005. In the past to year the world champion on computer soccer score became the Brazilian by name Tjagu.