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Monday, May 08, 2006

Ronaldino soccer scores in comics

Ronaldino has received honor which before was a prerogative great Pele. It became the hero of the book of the comics published in Brazil. Ronaldino has arrived to native city of Porto Alegre for presentation "Gaucho Ronaldino ", the character owning magic of soccer scores, as well as its real well-known namesake.

The character has been developed Maurisio de Sousse, the known artist who has created a series of comics “Monika and its gang ", enjoying in Brazil by extraordinary popularity. The same of Sousse was created by one more prototype of the well-known soccer scores player - "Pelesino", or small Pele - surprisingly similar to a legendary star "Santosa".

Itself Ronaldino obviously to be proud, that became the character of comics and plays a trick on it. Besides it has expressed hope, that the new character will represent "Gremio", local club where Ronaldino began the professional career. Let's remind that during two years - in 2004 and to 2005 - FIFA recognized Ronaldino as the best soccer player of year. In this world soccer cup in Germany it hopes to help Brazilians to a rank of the world champion.