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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Funny pictures

Soccer funny pictures
A funny pictures is a unit of cultural information. They can be any phrase, idea, symbol, image or sound that is transmitted from person to person on the basis of imitation. The last criterion is fundamental, because only the imitation and the whole mechanism of the creation of funny pictures are built. As a unit of cultural information, a funny pictures does not depend on a particular situation, but is a universal code. In practice, this is manifested in cases where the same funny pictures is used to explain a variety of situations. In other words, the funny pictures becomes funny pictures only when the specific case event turns into a non-contextual unit of information.

At the same time, the funny pictures is an integral part of the art. And the Internet funny pictures in particular is nothing but a kind of network folklore. Yes yes. The funny pictures has come to replace the serious. After all, now at the meeting or in the company no one exchanges jokes from the collections, all discuss the last Meme. And we have to accept that. funny pictures are not bad! funny pictures are a part of our culture, an attribute of modern digital society. Let's learn more about this phenomenon.