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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Goal soccer betting

Two world soccer cup champions 1988 divide one permit in a semifinal of soccer betting, and Patrick Vejra on Tuesday should recollect times when it left on a floor "Hajberi" in a T-short of "Arsenal".

Once Ronald Kuman was one of symbols of soccer betting. The goal Cuman on 113-th minute of a meeting with has brought "Leopard" in 1992 year unique in history of a command a victory over the world soccer cup. Now Ronald Kuman - the trainer. It heads Portuguese "Benfika". And it in a quarterfinal ofworld soccer cup 2005/2006 will play with "Barcelona" which symbol once was Ronald Kuman. Here such intrigue turns out at opposition of "Benfika" and "soccer betting" which first round will pass on Tuesday in Lisbon.

To "leopard", by the way, the Dutch too trains. Frants Rejkard together with the junior (was in a combined team of Netherlands Ervin Kuman, the senior soccer bettingfrom brothers Kumanov) played to defense of a "orange" combined team of the end eightieth-has begun ninetieth. Together they divided pleasure from a victory over the world soccer cup of 1988. Now have appeared on the different parties of barricades. In a semifinal of soccer betting there will be only one of them.

"Barcelona", certainly, a favorite in this pair. And can be, even not only in pair, and in all draw of world soccer cup. Both on structure and on game katalontsy where more brightly commands Cumana though we shall not forget what exactly "Benfika" has beaten out from draw of the operating owner of the world soccer cup "Liverpool" now look. But the scalp "CHelsi", removed soccer betting in the previous round, looks more solidly, rather than the carrying out of a body arranged by Portugueses "Lajveru". The Instructor of "Benfika" Ronald Kuman soberly estimates chances of the command before soccer betting a duel: " I know, that we can give a surprise, but at the same time I realize, that the contender is very strong. We shall struggle, we shall try to play as much as possible aggressively, and, probably, it will help us to pass to "Leopard", speaks Kuman.

Both commands approach to vtornichnoj to a meeting not lost-free. "Barcelona" still does not have injured Argentina child prodigy Messi. Besides it, Franc Rajkard because of traumas and diskvalifikatsy cannot count on " yes Pools " on Mexican defender Rafaelja Marquez, Brazilian Edmilson and Pujolja. At "Benfika" will not be on Tuesday of disqualified forward Nunu Gomesh and injured Brazilian Alsides. To judge a meeting which will begin at 22:45 on stadium, there will be soccer betting arbitrator Steve Bennett. On Tuesday one more match takes place in the Europe also. "Arsenal" will accept on "Hajberi" "Juventus". This meeting will have especial value for the halfback of the Turin club Patrick Vejra who has received world popularity supporting "Arsenal", and in the past to year has passed " old to the signor " for 24 million dollars of soccer betting.

But these matches, certainly, not only for Vejra will be important. And for "Arsenal" and "Juventus" the world soccer cup in the end of a present season becomes the main priority. "Juventus" already practically guaranteed to itself "skudetto"-2006 so now command Fabio Kapello can concentrate on external problems. To "arsenal", on the contrary, in present superiority prime-minister-league already nothing shines, soccer betting the god ordered to stake on League of champions.

By the way, this tournament and in the best for Arsene Vengera's command years was considered "bewitched". "Arsenal" regularly became the world soccer cup and the vice-champion of the country, but in League took off long before a solving duel. But now the situation similar soccer betting varies in the opposite party. In prime-minister-league the command for the first place does not struggle any more, but in League of champions "Arsenal" remains the unique representative of England. In 1/8 endings have beaten out "Real", now just right to create soccer betting one more sensation - to leave without world soccer cup "Juventus" which plays a quarterfinal only owing to a dreadful mistake of the goalkeeper of "Werder" Tim to the Visa.

"Juventus" has arrived to London not in the best structure. At " old signors " cannot play on "Hajberi" leaders soccer betting of a command Paul Nedved and Alessandro del Pero. At the first disqualification operates, and the second is injured. "Arsenal" can leave on a floor of native stadium practically in an optimum variant. To judge this meeting there will be soccer betting arbitrator Peter Fridfeldt