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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Australia soccer team and Gus Hiddink

To hope to fans of Australia for successful performance of the favorite command in world socer cup in Germany it a dream.

The command over supervises by Guus Hiddink, is not the easy partner - the Dutch expert gradually has already accustomed the soccer scoresl public to this idea. Besides the team of Australia is not a team of Korea which players anybody has for a moment begun WC-2002 almost and did not know. It then koreans began to drive about across the Europe, having called to Russia (for Petersburg "Zenith"). The overwhelming part of soccer scorel players of Australia plays to the Europe, on a kind at all world.

Skill of the Australian soccer score players together with trainer's Hiddinks idea can quite give result in Germany. Not without reason on the arms of this country are represented by a kangaroo and an ostrich - they are not able go back, and jump only forward, symbolizing progress in development of Australia. While the majority of experts converge in opinion that the soccer score team of Australia will struggle only for the third place in group from soccer team of Japan. How much soccer team Australia it is objectively ready to battling on equal to the best teams of the world, anybody will not tell yet.

For recurrence “the Korean miracle" Hidink does not suffice, perhaps, only one factor - support of fans. All rest always was and is at it.