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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

World cup soccer, Bastian off.

Management FIFA has refused to transfer since March, 15th a closing date of submission of applications for participants of final tournament of the world cup soccer to Germany. And at this time one of leaders of a command of owners Bastiana suspect of participation in contractual matches.
As if to the Russian football news the toss-up of owners of fields has been lead to Thursday in soccer score matches of the world cup soccer and two starting matches of tournament of duplicating commands took place. The important application on Thursday was made also with members of so-called group G-14 which includes 18 richest and influential European clubs soccer score. In the widespread document directed to UEFA and the European Union, it is spoken about the major role which plays football score on continent, and that the future of this kind of sports depends on clubs which should play more important role world cup soccer .

So, in particular, clubs have demanded to found in UEFA a special post of the second vice-president which will be exclusively engaged in interaction with clubs, in fact they are suppliers of players for combined teams.
Intensity created FIFA and UEFA of a uniform international calendar causes concern G-14. Clubs again have demanded from the higher organizations monetary indemnifications for participation of football players in best soccer score for a combined team. While FIFA and the UEFA refuse to pay to clubs, motivating the decision in that the means earned during such large tournaments as the world cup soccer or the Europe, go on development of youthful football. Thus first steps G-14 are measured to undertake on the nearest Monday when the litigation initiated by Belgian club against FIFA will begin. Belgians whom supports G-14, demand monetary indemnification that in November, 2004 one of football score players of club has was traumatized in soccer score for a combined team and have been compelled to pass the rest of a season. And on March, 29th in EU will pass the public hearings, devoted to soccer score.

And in the meantime the halfback of member G-14 of Munich "Bavaria" and modular Germany Bastian has testified in police within the limits of investigation of the scandal connected with contractual matches in the German soccer score.

Press, two football players of club of the second by Guido Lanzat and Paul Agostino have been interrogated also. However, the Munich Office of Public Prosecutor has not confirmed the fact of interrogation of soccer score. And one week ago in Frankfurt four persons suspected of the organization of matches with in advance fixed results have been arrested. As have informed in the police, some thousand euro that they "have made" the necessary result were offered to several football score players of the lowest leagues soccer score. And in one case the consent of the player has been received.

And 32 trainers of commands-participants of final tournament of the world cup soccer should promulgate applications of the combined teams from 23 person all the same till May, 15th. FIFA has not gone on an occasion at experts who asked to postpone even for a week as in the middle of May candidates for combined teams soccer score only will gather with its full complement, and it is already necessary for instructors to define final structure. It is possible to do replacements only in case of traumas.

Besides at session of Organizing committee of the world cup soccer bet the decision to resolve no more than six replacements in companionable matches before world cup soccer superiority was accepted. Also it will be forbidden to participants of the championship to put money for any events connected with world cup soccer d superiority.