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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Marcel" vs "Soccer Betting"

In last match before reciprocal game with "Soccer betting" on the Cup of UEFA French " Marcel " has changed on the floor "Soccer betting" with the account 2:0. On a course of a meeting has was traumatized and the basic goalkeeper of "Marcel " - Faben Bartez has been replaced.
After defeat in the first match 1/8 cup-finals of UEFA from Petersburg "Zenith" with the account 0:1 " Marcel " should be rehabilitated before the fans in a match of 30-th round of the championship of France against "Soccer betting". This game began after all in round and consequently up to its beginning it became known, that it is necessary for "Marcel " to not lose at least to not lose the fifth line in the tournament table of superiority.
"Soccer betting" in case of a victory could rise only on one line - from 11-th place on 10. But, fairly to tell, very few people trusted in success of this command in a match against "Marseilles" Soccer betting. Hardly less than in 20 minutes after the beginning of game it became clear, that it is valid so. In fact on 17-th and 19-th minutes the player of " Marcel" Pages has hammered on a goal, than has delighted tribunes of “Soccer betting ". The First goal Pages has hammered magnificent impact with penal. In two minutes the hero of a match has amazed a gate of the contender with a head after transfer from the left flank in execution Soccer betting. We shall note Soccer betting, that Pages did not play the first match of the Cup of UEFA against "Zenith".
Before the account in a match has been opened, commands played fast rate and had time to create some the dangerous moments at a gate each other. Actually, up to a break game went, as a matter of fact, the same as and from the moment of a starting whistle till 17-th minute. At “Soccer betting “ there were good moments to hammer in a reciprocal Soccer betting, there were opportunities to increase the account and at "Marseilles" which all the same owned small advantage, and the main thing, supervised a ball. As a result the first time and has come to the end with the account 2:0 in favor of "Marcel". In second half of meeting football players of "Marseilles" have not allowed visitors to create anything dangerous at the gate Soccer betting, and here than opportunities to make the account was larger at them though take away. On 50-th minute Pages could issue Soccer betting, but has not reached a ball after transfer Soccer betting a little. On 56-th minute Riberi did a dangerous canopy in penal, but anybody from partners could not forward a ball to a gate. And on 62-th minute Riberi has been brought down by the goalkeeper " Soccer betting ", and the judge has without hesitation appointed a foul shot. But there and then ZHano has corrected the mistake: it has guessed a direction of impact Pages (it beat with 11-meter in hope to make Soccer betting) and has not allowed football players of "Marcel" to increase the account up to large.
However, partners of the goalkeeper from " Soccer betting " were not inspired by its heroic act and could not hammer even in one goal. The Ending of a match was noted by that the trauma of a leg was received by the goalkeeper of "Marcel" Faben Bartez: on 86-th minute it was replaced with the second goalkeeper of club Soccer betting Karasso. While it is not known, how much strong trauma at the well-known French goalkeeper and whether can play it in a return match against "Zenith". As a result the match has ended with the account 2:0 in favor of owners of a field. “Soccer betting " cannot win on a visit against " Marcel" since 1979.
The following match "Marcel" will lead to Thursday in St.-Petersburg against "Zenith". The first game has shown, that with the French club it is possible to play on a victory. The match of the championship of France with “Soccer betting " has shown, that anything cardinally new "Marcel" in game has not appeared. We shall hope, that "Zenith" will consult with the contender and will continue struggle in the Cup of UEFA.