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Friday, April 07, 2006

Soccer bet

The Best player of the world championship of 2002, an alive legend and German football Oliver Kahn will not be the first goalkeeper of modular Germany on in June World cup soccer. Will protect a gate Jens Lemann.

On Friday has finally solved hardly probable not the main question excited all last months of German soccer bet fans. The main trainer of modular Germany Jurgen Klinsmann was defined with first number of a combined team on on June, 9th superiority of the World cup soccer. From Oliver Kahn and Jens Lemann with identical chances applied for the post in a gate of a combined soccer bet team, Klinsmann has chosen Lemann Kahn will begin the world championship which will pass in Germany, on a bench spare.

As informs Reuters referring to not named reporter soccer bet, on Friday Klinsmann has called to Kahn and has informed it that first number on World cup soccer superiority will be Lemann. German journalists have there and then directed on base of "Bavaria" where the command prepares for the next match of the World cup soccer. However comments from the best player of the previous soccer bet superiority of the world they and have not waited, though it was appreciable, that Kahn is very upset by something.

Could not clear a situation and the co-chairman of German soccer bet union Teo Tsvantsiger. On a question of journalists, whether it was defined Klinsmann with a choice, Tsvantsiger has told a short phrase: " it is similar, yes " and has added, that the German soccer bet union, probably, later will make the application on this question. The information that in a gate of a combined team will raise Lemann, has received indirect acknowledgement World cup soccer.
In some hours it was found out, that the Football union has constrained the word. It has promulgated the application of the main soccer bet trainer on this question: " This heaviest decision which to me should be accepted in the career of the trainer ", speaks Klinsmann, confirming that it has made soccer bet a choice in favor of Lemanna.

Jurgen Klinsmann has headed in July, 2004, and from first days of work with a command it has let know, that is measured soccer bet to alternate Kahn and Lemanna in a gate of a combined team. Such decision has caused criticism in Germany. Spoke, that soccer bet specificity trades is those, that to the goalkeeper to feel confidently, it is necessary to feel trust of the trainer constantly soccer bet. The situation became complicated that and Lemann for a long time already dislike Kahn each other, moreover, both of the goalkeeper soccer bet not time fell up to mutual insults in press soccer bet world cup soccer.

However almost two years Klinsmann held the promise, and two goalkeepers played by turns.But now, when before start of the world championship remains no more than two months, time has come to make a choice world cup soccer. And Klinsi as call in Germany, similar, it has made, and the general manager of "Bavaria" has soccer bet pushed it to it.

After in last round of the championship of Germany Kahn has made two dreadful mistakes because of which its command was content only nobody's in a match with the outsider "Cologne", Hyoness has declared, that in uncertain game Kann is guilty Klinsmann which, not declaring the decision on to a soccer bet question, arranges for Oliver “psychological terror ".
Klinsmann, probably, also has decided to answer Hyonessu, having solved World cup soccer all for Kahn finally. However, the trainer approves, that its decision was affected not with last game of "Bavaria", and last match of a combined team. “My decision was affected with last companionable game with Americans. I have analysed game of goalkeepers within last 22 months and have made a decision ", have declared Klinsmann, hinting on game of Germans from a combined team of the USA (4:1) in which has passed a unique goal because of a mistake of Kahn.” Certainly, Oliver it is very upset, but it has accepted it as the present sportsman ", has told world cup soccer.

So, the best goalkeeper of Germany of last 15 years, the played 84 matches in structure of a combined soccer bet team, will begin the world championship as spare. Hardly later its reaction to decision Klinsmanna became known. " I am very surprised and disappointed ", is spoken in the application of Kahn published on an official site of "Bavaria". " The nearest weeks soccer bet I shall concentrate on game for club in the championship and the Cup of the country. That up to a combined team I shall think and of it, and in due time I shall inform the decision ", the 36-years goalkeeper soccer bet has declared.

For the sake of justice, say, that if to abstract from former merits choice Klinsmanna is quite justified. Lemann recently, unlike Kahn, plays very confidently soccer bet, and its "Arsenal" has made the way in a semifinal of League of champions. However, there is a question: instead of whether has overstayed Lemann in a combined team behind a back of Kahn? In fact to 37 years Jens has lead only 29 games in structure.