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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brazil soccer score team will get only gold copy

Brazil will not receive on eternal storage the Cup of the world on soccer even if will win world superiority in Germany and becomes the six fold world champion. It was declared by director FIFA on public relations Markus Zigler. The cup remains passing, and the gilt copy of a trophy will be handed over to the world champion.

I shall remind that in 1970 the soccer score team of Brazil in third time in the history became the world champion on soccer, in the ending of the Mexican championship having beaten Italy with the score 4:1. The international federation of soccer, having considered exclusive achievement of the Brazilians who have become by the triple world champions first in history, has made a decision to hand over to them " the Gold goddess " on eternal storage.
However Brazilians have not managed to keep a trophy - in 1983 it have been stolen, and as believe, is melted. Therefore to the world championship of 1974 in Germany the new trophy which is handed over to commands till now has been made.

If Brazil will win gold medals of the German championship becomes the six world champion first in history. After Brazil by quantity of titles there is Germany and Italy - on three. Except for these of the countries on two times a trophy won teams of Uruguay and Argentina, and on time - England and France.