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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Soccer scores. Rooney out

FIFA lets England to decide about Rooney later. As informs BBC, England can submit the final application of a team for the world soccer cup not on May, 15th, and on June, 9th, 24 hours prior to their starting match from a combined team of Paraguay. If Rooney will not recover before opening the world soccer scores cup England can replace it in the list. Let's remind, that on Saturday Wayne has broken one of bones, and its treatment can borrow from a month up to an one and a half.

Participation Rooney in the world soccer cup is in doubt. As it was informed earlier, Rooney the field because of a trauma in Saturday a soccer score match of the command against "Chelsea" (0:3) has been compelled to leave. Medical examination has shown on Sunday, that he has broke the bone and he is out of operation on one and a half month.

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The team of Brazil is considered as the main candidate for a victory over the world soccer cup. As informs Reuters, on a victory of soccer scores Brazil rates 4-1 are accepted. Germany (8-1), England (8,5-1), Italy (9-1), Argentina (10-1.)

Further follows, fs is known, earlier the second line in the sports book list was taken by England, rates on which victory made 7,5-1. But because of Wayne Rooney's trauma of the rate on their victory have fallen up to 8,5-1.