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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Funny pictures

Soccer funny pictures
A funny pictures is a unit of cultural information. They can be any phrase, idea, symbol, image or sound that is transmitted from person to person on the basis of imitation. The last criterion is fundamental, because only the imitation and the whole mechanism of the creation of funny pictures are built. As a unit of cultural information, a funny pictures does not depend on a particular situation, but is a universal code. In practice, this is manifested in cases where the same funny pictures is used to explain a variety of situations. In other words, the funny pictures becomes funny pictures only when the specific case event turns into a non-contextual unit of information.

At the same time, the funny pictures is an integral part of the art. And the Internet funny pictures in particular is nothing but a kind of network folklore. Yes yes. The funny pictures has come to replace the serious. After all, now at the meeting or in the company no one exchanges jokes from the collections, all discuss the last Meme. And we have to accept that. funny pictures are not bad! funny pictures are a part of our culture, an attribute of modern digital society. Let's learn more about this phenomenon.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Crying cat meme

Cats large and small In the cat family, Felidae, there are two branches: large cats and small cats. Despite the name, this division is based not so much on the size, but rather on anatomical features (for example, on a building hyoid bone). This explains why, it would seem, "big" crying cat meme - puma and cheetah - refer to the branch of small cats

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

QR & Barcode reader (Secure)

This application is a QR and Barcode reader that does not require personal information details, unlike most other scanner applications. If you don’t want to give permissions to read Contact and History Bookmarks, then this is going to be the secure QR and Barcode reader of your choice.


✓ Reads any type of QR codes which can include: Text, URL, Phone Number, SMS, Email, Business Card (v-Card), Geographic Location, Calendar Event, Wi-Fi Network Key

✓ Reads Barcode, Universal Product Code (UPC-A and UPC-E), International Article Number (EAN)

✓ Creates and shares QR codes – just type in text or paste in an URL then press OK

✓ The application remembers all your scans in the History page, and you can get back all your previous scan results at any time

✓ In low light conditions, a Barcode or QR code can be highlighted by using a device’s Flashlight feature

There is a single limitation with Privacy restrictions: the application cannot create QR codes directly from your Contact list. If you need this function, please use the regular “QR Barcode reader +Flashlight”.

Friday, May 02, 2008

EURO 2008 wallpaper with national flag

Here you can generate your own EURO 2008 mobile wallpaper animated wallpaper with your text on it.
Flags for all the participants are available:
Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey

240×320, 176×220, 176×144, 128×160, 128×128 phone resolutions supported.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Free Backham mobile wallpapers

Download sport stars mobile wallpaper for free.

Following wallpaper formats are available: 240x320, 176x220, 176x208, 176x144, 132x176, 128x160, 128x128.

Also you can download nice iPhone wallpaper for free.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Cell phone wallpapers with yor name on it

Here you can generate an animated cell phone wallpapers with your text on it, just enter your text and download your unique wallpaper for free. They support following cell phone formats: 240x320, 176x220, 176x144, 128x160, 128x128.
Easy to download: Save it to your computer then copy to the mobile.
Right click on the preview image<, select "Save Picture As" and save it to your computer, then copy the wallpaper to your mobile using Cable or Bluetooth.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tickets for EURO 2008 soccer tournament

Fans wanting to buy tickets for the UEFA EURO 2008 soccer cup in Austria and Switzerland are being advised to buy when they go on sale next March.

Organizers say require for tickets will easily outstrip supply as supporters gear up for an Alpine festival of soccer featuring Europe's top teams and players. "We make available 20 per cent of the capacity to each of the teams," said UEFA.

About 75% of the tickets will be accessible directly for the group through or the National Soccer Associations that will participate in the final Tournament.

"Each fan can take for a maximum of four tickets per match, and his or her name will be printed on the tickets," Kallen said. Both presidents of the host associations, Friedrich Stickler (Austria) and Ralph Zloczower (Switzerland) urged fans to book tickets in March 2007 to avoid disappointment. "Each fan should be ready to order then.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Funny soccer

Soccer funny pics

Soccer funny penalty

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Adriano wins an award :)

The fat Inter Milan striker has been voted the worst soccer player of 2006 by Italian radio.
The Golden Dustbin, as the medal is kindly entitled, is voted for every year by listeners of the RAI station, and over last years has been won by such other luminaries as Rivaldo, Nicola Legrotaglie and Christian Viery.
Out of the 10,000 votes cast, Adriano garnered a whopping 3,215 (or 32.5% of the ballot) to beat Milanisti pair Ricardo Oliveira and Alberto Gilardino to top spot in the list.

Adriano's form over the last calendar year has been terrible, the 'goal ace' not having quite lived up to his billing with a unfruitful patch that has lasted since March.
Such are his troubles, the Brazilian was sent back home to rest and regain his focus at the end of October, but the recommendation of sun, sea and sand does not seem to have worked.
Adriano is now back at the Giuseppe Meazza, but he looks heavy and out of sorts, and the goalless streak continues with no sign of it ending any time soon.
Even coach Roberto Mancini has failed to be overcome by his striker's reaction after taking a holiday mid-season.
"Adriano is not in good physical condition and is having a few problems," the Inter boss unassuming.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brazil soccer score team will get only gold copy

Brazil will not receive on eternal storage the Cup of the world on soccer even if will win world superiority in Germany and becomes the six fold world champion. It was declared by director FIFA on public relations Markus Zigler. The cup remains passing, and the gilt copy of a trophy will be handed over to the world champion.

I shall remind that in 1970 the soccer score team of Brazil in third time in the history became the world champion on soccer, in the ending of the Mexican championship having beaten Italy with the score 4:1. The international federation of soccer, having considered exclusive achievement of the Brazilians who have become by the triple world champions first in history, has made a decision to hand over to them " the Gold goddess " on eternal storage.
However Brazilians have not managed to keep a trophy - in 1983 it have been stolen, and as believe, is melted. Therefore to the world championship of 1974 in Germany the new trophy which is handed over to commands till now has been made.

If Brazil will win gold medals of the German championship becomes the six world champion first in history. After Brazil by quantity of titles there is Germany and Italy - on three. Except for these of the countries on two times a trophy won teams of Uruguay and Argentina, and on time - England and France.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lionel Messi has chosen as the most perspective soccer score player on world soccer cup

Visitors of an official site of the world soccer cup on soccer have chosen the most perspective young player of tournament. From 16 776 soccer fans who have taken part voting, 44 percent of admirers of soccer have given voices for attacking halfback of Argentina Lionel Messi who in a match with Serbia and Montenegro (6:0) has scored a goal.
Messi to which only 19 years on June, 24th will be executed, has received more than half of voices on the Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese versions of a site. It has won voting on English, French and German versions, having missed the first place only in the Portuguese version which visitors voted for the halfback of Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo.
As a result soccer score player Cristiano Ronaldo has taken the second place on results of voting, having typed 12 percent of voices. On the third place has settled down Luis Valencia from Ecuador (11 percent) which has managed to outstrip Wayne Rooney (9 percent). For Lukas Podolski 6 percent of users, for Spanish Sergio Ramos – 5 percent and for Swiss Philippe Senderos – 2 percent voted. 12 percent voted as the most perspective player named other soccer score players.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

English soccer fans wanted more tickets

The Football Association of England has criticized booking policy FIFA, the procedure of distribution of tickets to matches of the world soccer cup. Football Association has received on three matches of group tournament of an English soccer score team 14 thousand tickets whereas the association has demanded 25 thousand. 100 tickets reserved by sponsors of the World soccer cup, have returned FIFA before a match of England with Paraguay, but direct sale, instead of to English soccer score fans.

Director on public relations Football Association of England has told: " We asked FIFA to allocate to us of more tickets last four months, but it spoke all time: " No". We asked them to inform us on returnable and additional tickets, but to us have again given up".

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Alcohol + soccer = fight

About 200 soccer fans have fought in London during a match of the world soccer score cup in Germany England - Paraguay (1:0). Some person have was traumatized heads, during translation of game on the screen established in area Canary Wharf. "Fighted nearby 200 soccer fans, - has told the representative of police. - they threw bottles. As a result many people have received cuts and a trauma of a head. Some person are delivered in hospital".
This is just beggining!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Soccer statistics: the total cost of the Brazilian soccer score team - €410 million

Germans press have counted up, that the total cost of 23 players of Brazil soccer team reaches about €410 million. As this command the most expensive soccer team for all history of world socer cups.
On the first place - Ronaldino from the Spanish "Barcelona". Its cost is estimated in €125 million, then Adriano ("Inter") and Ronaldo ("Real") - on €30 million everyone. They are followed by the Midfielders of French "Lyons" Juninho (€20 million).
The cheapest player from 23 football players of a soccer score team - goalkeeper ROGERIO CENI Rogeria Ceni (€1,5 million) playing for Brazilian "Dignity ".
The estimation of soccer players is lead in view of data under their contracts with clubs.