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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Saudi Arabia at World Soccer Cup

The team of Saudi Arabia in the history and in fourth time goes to fourth time on the world soccer cup successively. That can be expected from this command - to not clearly anybody. For example, in 1994 all waited from a muslim combined team of that it will lose for all three matches and will leave home after a group stage. So is not present, in the debut world soccer cup the combined team of Saudi Arabia though has lost Dutchs in a starting match (1:2), but then has won against moroccans (2:1) and Belgians (1:0), and has left in 1/8 endings where has lost Swedes with the account 1:3.

But the following two world soccer cups for Saudi Arabia obviously have not gone right.
1998 - two defeats (from modular Denmark - 0:1, from modular France - 0:4) and one drawn game (from the modular republic of South Africa - 2:2). 2002 - three defeats (from modular Germany - 0:8 (!), from a combined team of Cameroon - 0:1 and from modular Ireland - 0:3). From modular Saudi Arabia the command of Ukraine still never met, but, it appears, Oleg Blohina's to command this combined team quite on forces. In present selection tournament the combined team of Saudi Arabia under direction of Argentina expert Gabriel Kalderona has acted rather confidently, not having sufferred any defeat. At the first selection stage the command has won all six games at world soccer cup in which its contenders were modular Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Turkmenistan. At the second stage the combined team of Saudi Arabia met commands of South Korea, Uzbekistan and Kuwait, and in six games has gained four victories and two times has drawn.